Services for Men, at BrightNewMe

I see an increasing number of male clients at BrightNewMe, which reflects the growing awareness men now have of the importance of their appearance.

Of course men can be troubled by the same sorts of problems with their skin as my female clients, such as pigmentation/sun damage, rosacea, pores or acne. The prescription skin care products I recommend are just as suitable for men, and very effective.

Other male patients come to see me because they have unwanted lines and wrinkles. Whilst some of these can be due to the ageing process, some can be due to subconsciously frowning whilst concentrating- overactive muscles. In such circumstances deep furrows develop, especially in the area between the eyes, creating an almost permanent scowl. By using Botox® to relax the muscles which cause the frown, these lines can be softened considerably.

Men also frequently suffer from thread veins, and skin lesions (skin tags, warts etc),  which can be successfully treated with thermo-coagulation or cryotherapy.

Finally, one service which is of particular relevance to male clientele is the treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating. By injecting the area with Botox® the transmission of nerve impulses to the sweat glands is blocked, and this eliminates the production of sweat in the treated area. It is very effective.

I am happy to chat with any potential clients prior to first consultation, and of course discretion is always assured.

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