The Eight Point Face Lift, at BrightNewMe

One of the biggest signs of ageing in our faces is loss of volume, especially around the cheek and jowl areas. This loss of volume can lead to sagging of the skin, accelerating the development of the nasolabial lines (the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth), and the marionette lines (the lines from the corners of the mouth towards the chin). For many, surgical facelifts were once the preferred treatment to counter this effect, but such has been the advancement of dermal filler products and associated techniques that non-surgical procedures are now seen as viable alternatives.

The eight-point lift (also known as the liquid facelift, due to its effect) is a technique developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio who is the innovator of injection strategy around the world.  I was trained in the technique myself at a Masterclass led by Mauricio in 2013.  I have been lucky enough to learn from Mauricio on an annual basis since then, as the technique has been further developed, most recently at his Distinction Masterclass in London in February 2017.  Having now performed the procedure myself on many occasions I can attest to its effectiveness.

The technique involves the injection of dermal fillers (from the Juvederm Vycross range of products) at specific sites, as shown in the image below. This approach subtly reshapes and redefines, for a refreshed look.


The Juvederm Vycross range is made by Allergan, market leaders in the field of dermal fillers. It represents the next stage in the development of dermal fillers, with improved cross linkage of molecules leading to products that last for longer (over a year). These fillers are also smoother and integrate with the tissues really well so that they look and feel more natural. They are also associated with less bruising and less swelling.

The results of a non-surgical face lift really can be quite stunning. Most importantly, the effects look totally natural as the treatment very much addresses the changes which occur with age, volumising in the right areas rather than just pulling the skin tightly back. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that a patient did not like the result, the fillers can be dissolved with an injection and the effects reverted- something which cannot be said for surgical procedures. No wonder the incidence of plastic surgery is declining!

Cost of this procedure depends on number of syringes used. Each 1ml syringe of Juvederm Vycross costs £350. To treat all 8 points of the non-surgical face lift typically requires 2 different syringes (each of 1ml) and therefore costs £700. Whilst this is often sufficient for younger patients with early ageing, for older patients who may require additional volumisation, repeat treatment one month later is often required (thus another £700).

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Patient experience

Although we have a dedicated page for general client testimonials, below you will see comments from patients specific to the eight point lift. Click on the extract to see the comments in full.

“Very pleased with my eight point lift” – Research scientist, Sale, Aug 2017

I’m very pleased with my treatment at BrightNewMe and with the recent eight point face lift in particular. My face looks subtly plumped and younger especially around my nose and jaw. No one has guessed what I have had, but many people are telling me I look great!

“Brilliant at what she does” – Pat Jackson, Sale, April 2017

Dr Sarah Norman is amazing. I had 8 point face lift and some botox at 8am today. I didn’t sleep the night before I was having so may worries about the needles, I nearly cancelled. Thank goodness I didn’t, the dreaded pain was just very minor pin pricks and the results just 12hrs later are fantastic. Sarah is so calming, professional and brilliant at what she does I can’t wait for my thread veins to be treated in a few weeks.

“I’m a happier, younger looking me” – Retired, Brooklands, Nov 2015“

Fast approaching 70, I wondered if I could do anything about my increasingly tired and lined looks – or was I too old to even give it a try? The Bright New Me adverts sounded just what I needed – a natural and subtle improvement. I nervously made an appointment, but Sarah’s reassuring and unhurried calm, along with her superb up to date medical knowledge left me quite sure her treatment was for me. Only 2 treatments later,her subtle use of fillers has given me not just a facial lift, but lifted my spirits too! Yes I’m still me, someone’s granny, but a happier, younger looking version, Thank you Sarah.

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