BrightNewMe is a clinic based in Altrincham offering non-surgical cosmetic procedures for both men and women. BrightNewMe provides anti-wrinkle treatment for patients from Hale, Altrincham, Timperley, Sale, Bowdon, Cheshire, Manchester, Knutsford, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

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Facial Cleansing

The skin is slightly acidic- pH 4.5- & this protects it from bacteria. Soap, which is alkaline, can damage this protective shield. Beware of “cleansing bars” which are just soap bars by another name. A non-soap cleanser is always liquid & cannot be hardened into a bar.

Don’t forget your decolletage!

It’s easy to forget the decolletage in your skin care regime. Remember to use SPF to protect this area from sun damage. Elastiderm Decolletage can target fine wrinkles & pigmentation on the upper chest.

Latest news on the Cosmetic Surgery Bill

  The second reading of The Cosmetic Surgery (Minimum Standards) Bill 2012-13 was deferred from last week but is now expected to be heard in The House of Commons on 1 March 2013 Regulation is much needed as current standards in the aesthetics industry are often woefully inadequate. For example, dermal fillers are not registered as medical devices and can be administered by anyone with little or no training. Please lobby your MP to ask him/ her to support this bill next month, or add your comments here for me to pass on.

Campaign to Regulate the Use of Dermal Fillers

I’m delighted that my support for the campaign to regulate the use of dermal fillers has received attention in the local press – see the ‘Press’ section on the ‘News’ tab above or click on this link

Regulation of the Cosmetic Industry

The 2nd reading of The Cosmetic Surgery Bill 2012/ 2013 is to be heard in The House of Commons on Friday. Regulation is much needed for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Until the industry is regulated patients are vulnerable. Please ensure your Botox/ Dermal Fillers practitioner is fully qualified. This means GMC for doctors, BDA for dentists & NMC for nurses.