The historical way of charging for Botox® has been for costs to vary according to whether there have been one, two or three ‘areas’ treated, the areas traditionally being the glabella, the forehead, and the area around the eyes (so-called ‘crows feet’).  My charges for Botox® are £195 for one area, £245 for two areas, and £295 for three areas.  A supplement of £40 is typically be charged to male clients, due to the larger muscles needing greater amounts of product.

Prices for certain non-cosmetic uses of Botox®, such as treating jaw problems can only be given after consultation, though charges for the treatment of excessive sweating would typically be around £425, around £195 for treating blepharospasm, and £495 for treating migraines.

Confirmation of likely costs for Botox® treatment would be given at a free, ‘no-obligation’ initial assessment with myself, or prior to first treatment should you prefer. Please contact us on 0161 928 2210 to arrange your free consultation.

*Costs applicable for procedures at our High Street Medical (Altrincham) clinic. Costs at the BMI Alexandra are available on request.

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