BrightNewMe is a clinic based in Altrincham offering non-surgical cosmetic procedures for both men and women. BrightNewMe provides anti-wrinkle treatment for patients from Hale, Altrincham, Timperley, Sale, Bowdon, Cheshire, Manchester, Knutsford, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

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Why Your Cosmetic Treatments Should Have Changed

In the present day most of us strive for general wellbeing, looking after ourselves both physically and psychologically. As the years pass we seek what we might call ‘successful ageing’. When it comes to our physical appearance we know that, rightly or wrongly, we are often judged on how we look, but more importantly we understand how our appearance can affect our general levels of confidence, and how we feel about ourselves. The majority of my patients aren’t trying to look 20 years younger, but they do want to look great for their age – they want to look less […]

Treatment of Skin Lesions at BrightNewMe

‘Skin lesions’ is the generic name for a wide range of lumps or bumps that appear on the skin, through a variety of different causes. Many are essentially harmless, but pigmented lesions, especially those which have changed, need to be investigated (initially by your family doctor). The warning signs for potentially harmful pigmented lesions are seen in the following image: Test The vast majority of skin lesions are harmless, but they can cause significant cosmetic concern, and affect an individual’s confidence, or they can routinely catch on clothing (and hence be a source of regular irritation). At BrightNewMe I treat […]

Allergan’s 2015 Masterclass

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited by Allergan, the world’s leading manufacturer of aesthetic products (including the true original Botox), to attend their annual masterclass. Held in a prestigious London hotel, the masterclass was run by Mauricio de Maio (pictured), the world renowned plastic surgeon and aesthetics guru from Brazil. The two day event is, for me, the highlight of the aesthetic calendar as I’m able to learn the latest techniques from the very best in the field, which is always hugely inspiring. There have been significant developments in recent years in the aesthetics industry, particularly […]

A Peek Inside the World’s Only Botox Manufacturing Plant

I was delighted to be invited by Allergan on a 2 day trip to Westport, Mayo, Ireland to have a tour of their manufacturing facility – the one and only place in the world where the original and genuine ‘BOTOX®’ is produced. I was especially honoured to hear that this is only the 4th time that Allergan have arranged this tour for cosmetic practitioners, and the 2nd time that the group of attendees were entirely from UK & Ireland. Westport is a picture-postcard town on the West coast of Ireland with a population of 5,500. It has been voted as […]

Trust me, I’m a doctor!

Most of us over a certain age have unwanted signs of ageing, but many remain nervous about doing anything it. Recently the Sale & Altrincham Messenger asked me to reveal patients’ most common anxieties, and what I say to reassure them. “The biggest anxiety patients have is that they might end up looking ‘false’ or drastically different from their normal selves. I can certainly understand this – we’ve all seen pictures of people who have had poor treatment, and they do look almost unnatural. Such results are the polar opposite of what I strive for with my patients – I […]