This Coronavirus lock-down brings challenges for all, although it can be a time for an overhaul of our health and wellbeing. This very much applies to the way we look, which can often have a considerable effect on the way we feel.

One of the aesthetic trends which has been prominent recently is the seeking of fresh, even-toned skin. Many of my patients have previously tried to cover up uneven tone with make-up and concealers. Over-the-counter pigmentation correctors are heavily marketed – and expensive – but are of limited benefit, as they can legally only contain a very limited amount of active ingredients.

At BrightNewMe I use prescription skincare to completely erase pigmentation. Unlike laser treatment, the creams I prescribe have no risk of scarring. Many of the testimonials and Google reviews for our clinic refer to the huge confidence boost that is to be had by achieving even, radiant skin with a healthy glow.

Why not come and find out what medically prescribed skincare can do for your skin this year. Dare to bare your skin!